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Citrus Pectin Research

Citrus pectin is a complex polysaccharide (long-chain carbohydrate) obtained from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges and tangerines. This long chain of sugars has numerous branches with important binding capabilities that are related to pectin's unique anti-metastatic, cholesterol reducing and detoxifying attributes.

Galactose, a natural sugar found on the branches of the pectin molecule, has an affinity for galectin-3 proteins on the cancer cell surface. This naturally occurring sugar is felt to play a role in the ability of Citrus Pectin to promote healthy cell growth.

Citrus Pectin Helps Support Healthy Detoxification

Each day numerous cells in the body become cancerous. It is our immune system that we have to thank for detecting and destroying these cells. Still, for certain individuals, the immune system fails and a clinically relevant cancer occurs. One known suppressor of the immune system is toxic or heavy metals. Citrus Pectin helps support a healthy immune response by helping to support healthy detooxification.

Citrus Pectin Helps Support Healthy Cholesterol

A joint study by the US Department of Agriculture and KGK Synergize, a Canadian nutraceutical company, identified a class of compounds isolated from the peels of grapefruit and concentrated in citrus pectin that shows promise in animal studies as a supporter of healthy cholesterol.

The findings, released in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, a peer-reviewed publication of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, show that the compounds, called polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) have been increasingly linked to supporting healthy cholesterol.

A long-term human study of the effect of PMFs on high LDL cholesterol is now in progress.

Citrus Pectin and Prostate Cancer

A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry looked at the possible effect of citrus pectin on prostate cancer. The research suggests that a component in citrus pectin may help support healthy cell growth. The study is the result of collaborative research among scientists at the Texas A&M-Kingsville Citrus Center at Weslaco, the University of Texas-Pan American at Edinburg and Texas A&M's Institute of Biosciences and Technology (IBT) at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Dr. Bhimu Patil, a physiologist at the Citrus Center who isolated pectin from four citrus varieties, said the study is preliminary but justifies further investigations in pre-clinical animal models, then possibly in humans.

The data from a phase II clinical trial using Citrus Pectin for biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer was just published in the journal "The Prostate". The preliminary clinical data was presented and from a clinical perspective the results are very encouraging.

Citrus Pectin and the Immune System

Aside from helping to support healthy detoxification, which in itself indirectly helps support a healthy immune response, components of citrus pectin may directly help support a healthy immune response. Maintaining an appropriately balanced immune system is important and research suggests that citrus pectin may help support such a healthy immune response.

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